Moira Le Huray - Nutritionist Testimonials

Testimonial from Hannah [09/11/14]

Moira has radically changed my life. I had been struggling with acute stomach pain whenever I ate for about 12 months with it progressively worsening. This created obvious side effects such as difficulty sleeping, nausea, headaches, lack of energy, slight depression and shortened attention span. My GP had followed all the usual tests and found nothing conventional medicine could diagnose. Determined not to accept this and having been recommended Moira I was open to alternative options. Since my first meeting four months ago with Moira where she dissected my medical history and set out an extremely perceptive and intellectual approach and method.

She has given me a logical disciplined diet and supplement regime which has proved successful. I have huge amounts of energy, my mind is sharper, I have very few headaches and very few occasions when I suffer the acute pain that had become an everyday burden. I would recommend Moira to those who are willing to accept that this type of treatment requires application, dedication and acceptance of long term change to routine, diet and exercise.

Testimonial from Deborah [06/12/11]

I was diagnosed with a tumour several years ago that was to seriously affect my ability to conceive. After taking a prescribed drug for two years I finally conceived. However the side effects of this drug affected my life so dramatically I knew that I could not use them again although we desperately wanted another child.

Mainstream medicine offered me no alternatives and after 3 years we finally gave up hope. That is until one day I saw an article on Moira Le Huray and made an appointment.

Moira immeadiately made me feel at ease and carefully unravelled my medical history. She advised me to make changes to my diet that I found surprisingly easy and recommended some supplements. Four months - Yes FOUR months later!!! there was a blue line on the pregnancy test and a beautiful little boy was on his way.

I recommend Moira to all of my friends and I am so grateful for her help and guidance.

Testimonial from W.Osmond [30/11/11]

"Having chosen a career which can be at times highly stressful, I have endured years of occasional stress/anxiety related conditions which though sporadic can be very unpleasant indeed. Conventional medication does not really provide a good long term solution and common sense lifestyle advice is not always practicable to follow.

A session with Moira in August provided me with a practical and positive motivation to re-focus on my lifestyle and nutrition, and together with a recommended range of dietary supplements I have noticed the following changes:

  • A 3 month long Athletes foot infection which had been stubbornly resisting treatment cleared up within 2 days
  • Gut bloating and discomfort has cleared up
  • I am more relaxed and positive in my daily life and family relationships
  • I am sleeping much better
  • I seem to have missed the usual round of colds and flu which everyone around me has recently suffered
  • I have lost a bit of weight without conscious effort to do this

I have noticed a rapid deterioration in the above benefits if I slip off the 'straight and narrow'. A daily exercise routine is probably the most difficult to maintain but it does seem to bring the biggest benefits.

So much alternative remedy advice is perceived as hocus-pocus, not so with Moira, her encouragement and advice can be truly life-changing if you approach it in the right way. Highly recommended."

Testimonial from Eugenie Heraty, Pyschotherapist, Hypnotherapist [02/01/11]

"This is such an intelligent way of managing your health. Moira provided me with an easy-to-follow discipline that has served me in so many ways for years. It is certainly the very best way to lose weight!! My health has improved so much - i no longer suffer from colds & flu - simply because I've been able to clean my body. If I slide away from this discipline, I notice the difference immediately. I would thoroughly recommend this way of gaining health."

Testimonial from R De Carteret [17/07/10]

"For 25 years I have suffered with Psoriasis and Eczema. Doctors told me time and time again there is no cure and no way to prevent this inflamed skin.

It dawned on me that perhaps the old saying is true: You are what you eat. I decided I should see a nutritionist to help with changing my diet to see if this would combat the condition. It is this thought process and determination which lead me to find Moira. And I tell you, I wish I had found Moira sooner!

By following Moria's nutrition plan and subsequently NOT using any cream, the Psoriasis was clearing up, and nigh-on disappeared from my elbows in 6 weeks. Not to mention the added benefit of losing 1 Stone within those 6 weeks! Result!

Seriously, if there are any Psoriasis/Eczema sufferers out there in Guernsey, contact Moira. You are what you eat, and with a little bit of time and some serious dedication you can become so much happier with yourself. I know, because I did it!

R De Carteret"

Testimonial from J.Owen [10/11/10]

"For three months I had diarrhoea and nausea and orthodox medicine did nothing for me. I lost a stone in weight and have never felt so ill. I spent most of my days just lying on my bed. I eventually contacted Moira Le Huray and within a month the diarrhoea and nausea had ceased and I started to improve. I am now feeling so much better although still taking the tablets that Moira recommended."

Testimonial from Sarah Lucas [12/11/09]

"I would thoroughly recommend seeing Moira for a nutritional consultation M.O.T, as well as for help in dealing with a particular complaint. Her approach is thorough, practical and reasonable (i.e. treat are still allowed!)."

Testimonial from O.B.Tressarn [08/10/07]

"I was given incredible amount of useful and understandable information. Moira is a great nutritional therapist.

She's is empathetic, very sensitive and as a result, very easy to talk to and share any potentially difficult personal information with"

Testimonial from M.Folkein [08/10/07]

"Moira is a very special person.

I felt so safe with her. She listened very carefully to all I had to say and treated my condition with insight and sensitivity. I had a distressing skin condition called Urticaria. I had been suffering for some months and although I visited the doctors it was not improving. After a few visits to Moira the condition improved rapidly. I was soon Urticaria-free and the complaint has not returned"

Letter from B.Clarke [13/09/07]

"Hello Moira!
Apart from a few 'indulgences' over xmas, I have been sticking to your advice as best I can and I must say I have noticed a big difference already!

I have felt a lot less tired and not bloated anymore, so I am very pleased with how it's going!

Thank you!"

Testimonial from A.Marshall [03/04/07]

"After discovering I was suffering with polycystic ovaries, I was offered no alternatives from the medical profession to I decided to seek alternative methods of healing.

The professional and yet caring assistance and guidance form Moira at natural Nutrition was second to none.

Through a carefully constructed programme of supplements and achievable dietary changes, I have managed to totally reverse my illness.

I fully recommend letting Moira help you to achieve and return to your optimal health"

Testimonial from S.Rouget [04/04/08]

"I have been taking SerraEnzyme three times a day for approximately a year and I am thrilled with the results!

I am asthmatic and have suffered since childhood from hay fever and allergies. When I first consulted Moira I was on constant prescription medication for these conditions. My hay fever and allergies has steadily worsened with time resulting in rhinitis and over the counter remedies no longer had any effect.

Taking SerraEnzyme has meant I no longer need to take the daily list of antihistamine tablets and nasal spray and eye drops of the past. I continue to take my preventive inhaler, but I have only used my ventolin inhaler once in the past 12 months, which is a huge improvement on the past."

Testimonial from N. De G. [15/08/09]

"I have been suffering with urinary tract infections for the past four years, I was initially treated by the specialist for Gynae problems and underwent a bladder extension operation in the hope for the frequent infections to be reduced. In conjunction with this I was prescribed antibiotics by my GP as and when an infection occurred, at one point I was experiencing frequent infections as often as once or twice a month.

Gradually over time the constant intake of anti-biotics was lowering my immune system, which was making me prone to further infections and it was starting to become a constant cycle.

It was at this point that I heard of Moira Le Huray, I felt that I had tried a medical approach which did not work for me therefore I was willing to undertake a nutritionist route. I went to Moira for 6 months in which I was advised to alter my diet and take supplements.

I had to watch what I ate and avoid the foods that were causing the infection to breed but it was a small price to pay for the results I have achieved. I have not experienced an infection for a long time now and I feel so much happier and full of energy."