6 tips for eating healthier

  • 1. When you eat, you must chew, chew and chew!
    only eat when you are calm and relaxed and have time for your food.
  • 2. Don't eat too late at night
    In winter time this should be earlier than summer as it gets dark earlier and the body clock is regulated by light, and if we keep to the rhythms of nature we would be relaxing and sleeping longer.
  • 3. Don't skip meals
    If we do our body uses our adrenalin in compensation for the food it should be getting in order to keep going. Remember the old saying: breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and supper like a pauper - Good Advice.
  • 4. The amount we eat is also important
    As a general rule, at any one meal it is beast to eat no more that what would fill your two cupped hands together. Eating too much makes us tired. The amount that we eat with the seasons and only what grows around us. If we eat with the seasons as much as possible and only consume the fresh fruit and vegetables available at the time locally, we are keeping in rhythm with nature.
  • 5. Make your food look and smell wonderful
    Try using different vegetables and different fresh herbs to add flavour instead of salt and pepper. salt attracts acidity in the body and although we do need a level of sodium daily, we can get all we need from the natural organic sodium found in vegetables.
  • 6. Exercise daily
    Even a short walk can help enormously to keep us regular, and it is necessary for a healthy muscle tone. It will also help to ensure good, quality sleep.