"The body spring cleanse preparation, spring diet"

This is the perfect time to begin preparations for your own 'spring cleanse'. During the winter months, our bodies go into a sort of hibernation, just like the rest of nature. The fluids thicken and there is less energy and movement. However, as spring returns and the sap in the plants begin to rise again, there are also changes going on within; the body is now preparing to move into a natural cleansing period. This lasts from the full moon before the spring equinox (21st March) to the full moon after (11th March - 9th April).

In order to maximise this opportunity we can include things like skin brushing into our daily routine, as well as hot / cold showering, to stimulate the lymph system. Both activities help to speed up toxic release. We also need to take time out to exercise in the fresh air and get enough rest and sleep.

Avoid the foods which cause stress to our systems, i.e. red and processed meats, sugar, coffee, tea, alcohol, excessive amounts of wheat and dairy. Instead, include just the lighter proteins, e.g. organic chicken, fish, lentils, beans etc. plus plenty of organic whole grains, vegetables, fruits and fresh herbs.

The most beneficial vegetables during this cleansing period are green leafy ones e.g. spring greens, spinach, broccoli etc. when just lightly steamed or stir fried, they remain crunchy & delicious and the nutrients are not lost during cooking.

Juicing is an excellent way to ensure that we can enjoy all the goodness of our fruit and vegetables. Apple, celery and carrot or cucumber will be very supportive to the liver helping to cleanse & detoxify. You may like to add a spoonful of a 'super food' such as chlorella, barley grass or Spirulina, which are packed with enzymes and nutrients. Also remember, of course, to drink at least 4 pints of filtered or mineral water throughout the day.

It is amazing just how making a few small changes can be so beneficial. The mind clears, energy levels soar and there is that great feeling of being alive again - well worth a try!