"Let Food be the Medicine and medicine be the food" Hippocreates

It is a New Year and a great opportunity to make changes, it is also a perfect time to adopt a new philosophy towards your health care (national nutrition) so what exactly is it and how can it help?

It may not be obvious to all but what we put into our body as sustenance (food and drink) affects the whole way it functions. That is to say the quality of our health, vitality, sleep and general well being is dependent on the quality of our nourishment.

Our body's systems are very sensitive and need a balance of the right nutrients in order to maintain optimum health. Not enough of the correct ones and more importantly too many of the wrong ones (i.e. toxic food and drink) leaves us with imbalances and illness.

This is what natural nutrition is all about; as therapists we begin by taking a detailed health history. At this point we are able to discover just how the problems have built up, often beginning with minor ailments which if left untreated, can lead to more serious problems. Then it is possible to establish the leaves of missing nutrients assess the toxic load and pinpoint any stressors, which may be adding to the current situation.

We look at how the body is coping with detoxifying and releasing unwanted waste products. So often the natural routes of elimination are overwhelmed and not functioning to the max. This process is not complicated and by using nutrients properly, to actively promote good health, it creates an easy and gentle change, which can be life enhancing. Remember good health is simply a balance!