How to minimise Saturated Fat and Cholesterol build-up in the body

    Limit your intake of foods highest in Saturated Fat. For example: The extreme levels of fat and cholesterol found in eggs are offset to a certain extent by the lecithin they contain. However, it is still widely believed that eggs can add significantly to arterial plaque.

    Eat cheese sparingly

    it is high in Cholesterol and is one of the richest foods in saturated fat. Saturated fat raises blood cholesterol.

    Eat red meat sparingly

    Most red meats contain moderate levels of Cholesterol but high levels of saturated fat.

    Fish and light meat have low levels of saturated fat. Fish oil contains Omega-3 oil and hence offers excellent nutritional value.

    Roast red meats and steak: trim separable fat before cooking will reduce fat levels. When shopping for these meats, choose 'select' grade of red meat that contain less fat that 'prime' or 'choice' cuts