Summertime provides us with a stunning rainbow of fruit and vegetables to bring life to our meals. Looking at the colours of our food is a useful way of monitoring our diet. Some therapists believe we can take in the benefits of the different colours by eating them.

Orange foods

Orange foods are especially important these days. They invigorate our autoimmune system, which is something we must take great care of in order to combat the constant challenge of increasing pollution and stress that we face in the modern world. If you suffer with endless coughs and colds it means your immune system is taking a battering. Eat orange and red foods (e.g. carrots, sweet potatoes, swede, oranges, apricots, mangos and some melons) and you will soon notice a difference.

Anyone with low energy or blood disorders will benefit from eating

Naturally coloured red foods

Once red is in the system it is said to produce ions that carry electromagnetic energy into the blood stream. Red foods are effective antidotes to too much dairy produce, which can build up mucus in the body's tissues e.g. red apples, red peppers, blackberries, black currants, beetroots, radishes, aubergines, and strawberries.

Yellow foods

Yellow foods are wonderful for people suffering from complaints of the nervous system. If you're feeling depressed, low in energy or unmotivated try eating more yellow peppers, grapefruit, corn, bananas, lemons, pineapple, parsnips and marrows for a positive impact.

Green foods

Green Foods should be eaten in large amounts as it is the ultimate harmoniser and internal balancer. They are perfect foods for rebuilding the body after any traumatic illness, and all green vegetable types will support here. Remember, they will be most beneficial if eaten raw or lightly cooked.

Juicing is a brilliant way of combining several fruits and vegetables together to provide a potent 'Pick-me-up'. Never eat too much of any one food, however, as this will upset your stomach and cause further imbalance in your system.